2015 Learning Lab Recap: Engaging Audiences

The Harris Theater’s primary mission is to partner with Chicago’s music and dance performing arts organizations to help them build the resources and infrastructure necessary to achieve artistic growth and organizational sustainability. In support of that mission, the Theater hosts three workshops each year for the Resident Companies, in a series called the Learning Lab.

This year’s Learning Lab workshops explored themes of audience engagement and inclusion. 40 individuals, representing 19 of the Theater’s Resident Companies and several external partners, attended one or more of the sessions.

Learning Lab workshop on engaging audiences through social media | September 2015

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2015 Learning Lab – Disability Awareness Training

As part of the Harris Theater’s commitments to ADA25 Chicago, the citywide celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Theater hosted a Learning Lab workshop on disability awareness.

Learning Lab - Disability Awareness Training | July 2015
Learning Lab – Disability Awareness Training | July 2015

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